Operations and Administration

Here is an overview of the internal workings of the ministry and the roles of various departments

Department of Primary Health Care and Disease Control

  • Co-ordination and implementation of control activities- Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Onchocerciasis and Tuberculosis & Leprosy.
  • Co-ordination and implementation of Reproductive health activities.
  • Co-ordination and implementation of Nutrition activities.
  • Epidemic Preparedness and Rapid Response activities.
  • Training on Occupational Health and Safety.
  • School Health Programme activities.
  • Collaboration with Development Partners, LGAS and other Agencies.
  • Co-ordination and implementation of non-communicable diseases activities.

Directorate of Planning, Research and Statistics

  • Health System Development plans (rolling, medium and perspective);
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of plan implementation;
  • Secretariat of tenders’ board on procurement activities;
  • Research into the internal organization and operational modalities, of the ministry;
  • Monitoring of performance and efficiency for the various sub-divisions and staff of the ministry against set targets and goals;
  • Routine collection and processing of health data relating to the ministry;
  • Management of the ministry’s data bank, computer services, library etc;
  • Liaison with relevant bodies outside the ministry;
  • Organization of the State council on health summit;
  • Overseeing the execution of projects and intervention programs such as World Bank project and other similar projects;
  • Procurement of medical equipment, essential drugs, dressing and consumables in conjunction with DPS;
  • Construction, renovation and equipping of health facilities.

Directorate of Pharmaceutical Services

  • Promotion of availability and rational use of essential drugs in Government Hospitals.
  • Procurement, storage and distribution of essential drugs to State health facilities.
  • Monitoring and control of narcotic drugs in all (private and public) health institutions in the state.
  • Co-ordination of drug quality control, drug abuse control and fake counterfeit drug control.
  • Training of Pharmacy technicians.
  • Supervision of Pharmacy Technicians in service of Local Governments.
  • Collaboration with PCN on the registration and issuance of Patent and proprietary Medicine Vendors licences.
  • Screening and recommendation of applications for Pharmacists annual licences and registration of pharmaceutical services.
  • Inspection of Patent medicine stores and pharmaceutical premises for drug retailing, distribution and manufacturing in collaboration with Pharmacy Council of Nigeria.

Department of Secondary Health Care and Training

  • Registration of private health facilities e.g. laboratories, clinics, hospitals, radiological centres, embalmment house, optical services, physiotherapy centres etc.
  • Inspection, supervision and monitoring of private and public health care centres.
  • Annual renewal of licences of practice of private health care facilities.
  • Supervision of health training institutions e.g. school of hygiene and family health.
  • Organization of Workshops/Seminar for Public and Private health care providers.
  • Coordination and implementation of policy on financial and medical assistance to the needy citizens.
  • Distribution of procured medical equipment and instrument to public health facilities.
  • Coordination of policy on free surgical operations e.g. general medical, surgical, ophthalmological e.t.c.
  • Registration, supervision and monitoring of the board of traditional medicine.
  • Representation of the Ministry at the heads of hospitals/ unit meeting of the State Hospital Management Board.

Department of Nursing Services

Monitoring and supervision of nursing practice in public and private health institutions in the State.

  • Monitoring and supervision of nursing education in the State.
  • Coordination, monitoring, supervision and evaluation of all training institutions for nursing education in the State.
  • Coordination of final qualifying examination for general nurses, midwives and per-operative nurses in the State.
  • Co-ordination of activities of State Nursing and Midwifery Committee.
  • Supervision of admission process for candidates into the College of Nursing & Midwifery, Eleyele.


Department of Food, Water and Laboratory

  • Chemical and bacteriological analysis of water to ensure that they do not contain disease-causing entities.
  • Carrying out quality control activities on food.
  • Preparation of food handlers test and screening.
  • Regulation of the operational activities of eateries, canteens, in factory premises,water, food, beverages industries and relevant small and medium scale outfits.
  • Inspection of premises where foods are prepared, preserved, stored or presented for sale in order to ensure hygiene and good manufacturing practices.
  • Enforcement the enforcement of food regulations and national policy of food and safety.
  • Disinfection of private wells for quality assurance purposes.        

Department of Administration and Supplies

  • Preparation of staff salaries.
  • Processing of release of fund requests.
  • Coordination of management meeting and departmental activities.
  • Processing of retiring officers’ entitlement.
  • Establishment matters including; appointment, promotion, discipline and preparation of manpower proposals.
  • Preparation of budgets of the Ministry by ensuring a balanced and well-articulated budget in collaboration with the Department of Planning, Research and Statistics.

Department of Finance and Accounts

  • To ascertain the propriety of transactions and their conformity with established rules.
  • To give evidence of financial accountability.
  • To serve as a basis for planning, controlling, decision making and appraisal of the performance of management.
  • To ascertain details of financial commitments and the full cost of providing various services.
  • To ascertain how capital expenditure will be financed.

The Ministry exercises oversight functions on the following Institutions and establishments;

  • LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Ogbomoso;
  • State Hospital Management Board (SHMB);
  • College of Nursing & Midwifery;
  • College of Health Science and Technology;
  • State Primary Health Care Board;
  • Oyo State Health Insurance Agency.